Open Colonization FAQ - Version 1.0

What`s the Open Colonization project?
This project aims to create an improved and extended version of Microprose`s best seller game, Colonization. The idea is to take all the basics from the first game and develop them to their full extent, while introducing many new aspects from newer games. With this, we hope not only full the expectations of old fans but also atract new people to this wonderfull game.

Why "Open Colonization"?
Well because we wanted to create a game based on Micropeose`s Colonization and we wanted it to be free, so anyone could enjoy the game. Also, so it`s code could be used by anyone to improve this project or even start a new one.

Who are the people behind the Open Colonization project?
Even with the project being still recent, there is a lot of people involved in it. Giving this is an open project there are people from all over the world involved, from Lituania to Iran to Uruguay. All this people want to see an Open Colonization game and they surelly will. The founders of the project are computer engineers and lead the Lambda Team, which it`s a software develpment team from Uruguay. Lambda team it`s working hard along people around the world to bring you all a great game!

Who are the people behind Lambda team?
The team is formed by several people with diferent talents. There are software developers, graphic designers,etc. But most of us dedicate themselves to design and development.

Open Colonization is licensed under a GPL license, what`s that mean?
In short, this means that your not paying for it, which means their is NO SUPPORT for it either. So don't complaint or say obscene things about Open Colonization if you can't get help getting it to work. Since it's free, so theres no obligation to assist you ... Lambda team will surely lend a hand here and there; but basically your on your own.

Where can I get info on the progress of Open Colonization?
You can visit the project page on ( or at our homepage ( Also if you want to get in touch with us to know more about the project, you can always contact our project leader freeman ( acount).

What can I do to help the project?
You want to help? Great! You can do a lot of things to help in the project, from morale support to software development. So if you really wanna help and you have free time, please contact us. There`s got to be something you can do, rigth? So really it doesn`t matter if you can barelly turn the computer on, get in touch with us and we`ll surelly find a way for you to help!

Where can I download the latest files?
The Open Colonization project it`s still in a pre-alpha phase, so you will hace to wait a little longer to see any files. Currently you can download Open Colonization oficial wallpapers from our homepage.

Who wrote this FAQ anyway?
The oficial FAQ for the Open Colonization project was written by fantasmon, a member of the Open Colonization project and aproved by it`s project leader, freeman.